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Will happen and won't happen in 2015

  What will and won’t happen in mobile technology for the year 2015?  Our friends at PDXmobile have figured out what will happen and won’t happen in 2015.  Don’t you want to know the future?

The Amazon Angel

Is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos an angel?  Certainly Hachette Book Group considers him the devil.  PDXmobile has an interesting take in this battle of publisher vs. e-book distributor.  You can read it here.

What I learned at Open Source Bridge 2014

      After a great conference experience at Open Source Bridge 2014 I began to scratch my head at exactly what was it I learned? I don’t mean about how natural and wonderful tolerance and diversity feels, as it is well-practiced at OSB, or how great it is to assemble with technical people with [...]

Scissors, cardboard, rubber bands and technology

How do you solve the problem of turning off a device that has no on/off button?  This is something that PDXmobile wrestled with and pinned down.  Check out their blog post here.

It's hot at the top

  No matter what human pyramid you’re sitting on, there is always heat below.  Former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich certainly found that out — and fast.  Read what our friend at PDXmobile had to say about it.

Kindle, Nook and Android love Mobile Tech Report 2014

Uncensored by Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google, the Mobile Tech Report 2014 is now available for your Kindle, Nook and Android devices.  Of course Apple rejected it since it actually mentioned other technology providers besides Apple.  There’s no tolerance for other technology in the iOS walled garden.  On the other hand if you have [...]

iOS7 less means more work for developers

    The big news in Apple-land was the landing of iOS 7 and its removal of skeuomorphic design features.  Skeuomorphic features made the screen elements resemble things in the real world.  With iOS 7 it’s back to minimalism.  Love it or hate it, it’s different. So it’s no surprise that the AddTo Travel folks [...]

Looking through a year darkly

It’s not even Halloween, let alone Thanksgiving or Christmas, but all holidays seem to arrive in stores earlier and earlier, so why not year end predictions?  Why not start predicting what will happen next year as soon as the Christmas decorations arrive in stores? PDXmobile did just that and here are their predictions for the [...]

The non-events of 2014

Sometimes knowing what won’t happen is as important as knowing what will happen. Over at pdxmobile a dozen things you can’t count on for next year are predicted.  Check out what won’t be in next year’s news here.

Who are your tech friends?

Is that a smartphone in your pants or are you happy to see me? Happy or not, your pocket may be ringing with technology.  Who are your friends in this new mobile happy tech landscape?  PDXmobile.com has been trying to figure that out.  Check out the new blog post on your tech friends.

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