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Swip is a peer-to-peer contact exchange program for the iPhone and iPad that uses WiFi or Bluetooth proximity communication.

With Swip, two people can wirelessly exchange electronic business cards.  Swip’s unique meeting feature lets entire groups of people exchange all their electronic business cards with each other with only a few screen touches.

You can find Swip in the iTunes Store at:

iPad and iPhone Swip


SwipEmail is the email-only version of Swip.  SwipEmail let you email your contact data as an electronic vcard (a standard format which Outlook or AddressBook can import).  SwipEmail is available at:

iPhone SwipEmail

SwipEmail is also available for Android devices at:

Google Market SwipEmail

The FREE version of Swip is called SwipSwap.  SwipSwap does not let you email your contact data or make fine-grained “Profiles” of your electronic business card like Swip does, but SwipSwap is free and you can see how it works for yourself.  SwipSwap is fully interoperable with Swip and visa-versa.  Try SwipSwap at:

iPad and iPhone SwipSwap

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