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SwipEmail for Android has been updated to version 4.0.  SwipEmail has been updated for better and newer Android OS support.  If you need to email a vcard from your contacts, you can’t beat SwipEmail.



If you’re searching for inspiration for your soul, mind, finances, heart, world or psyche, then head on over to the Play Store and download the FREE Swami Roberts 2 app for Android.

You can find it here.


PDXmobile.com2013 will follow 2012 as surely as 2013 mobile predictions follow at pdxmobile.com.

What’s next in the fast-paced world of mobile?  Mobile is changing the tech industry so fast it’s hard to know what’s going on now, let alone a year from now.

But that quandry hasn’t stopped the stalworth mobile watcher at pdxmobile.com from peering into his crystal ball app.  Check out 2013 mobile predictions here.


PDXmobile.com So how did the 2012 mobile predictions fare by the ever-moving pdxmobile.com?

Check out the past and future scorecard here.


Portland Open Studios is going full steam with artists homes open this weekend and next.  This is the third year in a row there’s an iPhone/iPad app.  Mindwarm Incorporated developed the first app in a way artists addresses and artwork images could be easily added, so this is the second recycled release of an all-new app.  Check it out here.

More information about Portland Open Studios is here.


PDXmobile.com Is there any precognition, foreshadowing or resemblance to reality at pdxmobile.com?

Time for a mid-year check-in to see how PDXmobile.com predictions for the mobile technology industry are faring.  Are they faring as well as the mobile industry is?  Well that depends who in the industry you are.

See who PDXmobile.com is by reading the mid-year prediction review here.



There’s a new Swip 5.0 and SwipSwap 5.0 available with bug fixes and full iOS 5 and iPad 3 support.

Swip is the premium contact sharing program for iPhone and iPad and lets you customize your contact information with profiles you can quickly select.  SwipSwap is the FREE entry-level peer-to-peer contact sharing program which does not have the premium multiple profile feature.

Swap contacts with people you don’t even know! (But only in-person.)

You can find Swip here.

You can find FREE SwipSwap here.




SwipEmail 5.0 for iPhone has arrived to prove email has not died despite pressure from text messaging.  You can find it here.

Of course the Android version can also be found here.


AddTo BelgiumThe folks at AddToTravel.com have a new iOS app out there for small country lovers.  AddTo Belgium is in the app store and can be found here.

AddToTravel of course, can be found over here.


Statue of LibertyIt’s nice to get noticed and AddToNYC has been found and reviewed by Appviews.com.

What’s all the excitement about AddToTravel?

Check out the review at Appviews.com.

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