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Mindwarm has developed a FREE Android app for the season.  The app is the Santa Roberts Gift-O-Meter that can help you predict what gift you will receive for Christmas.  You can find it here.

The app uses Android video technology to display Santa Roberts pulling a random gift out of his toy bag.  The idea is not unlike an Advent calendar where you open a new door each day to see gift of the season.

Apple rejected this application, apparently deciding it was not entertaining enough.  If you have an Android phone running OS 2.1 or later, you can decide for yourself because Santa Roberts is FREE.  Download it, see if you find it fun.  Apple did not.

Swami Roberts

Swami Roberts

Remember the Magic 8 ball?  Mindwarm has updated it for smartphone technology and has released Swami Roberts for Android.  Find it at:

Android Swami Roberts


idSideOut is also available for Android phones. idSideOut contains the best of idSideOut1 and idSideOut2. Another Mindwarm gem.

Android idSideOut

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