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AddTo Honolulu

AddTo Honolulu is now available.  You can find it here.

AddTo Oahu

AddTo Oahu is also now available.  You can find it here.

It’s been awhile since there have been new AddTo apps.  That’s because the Mindwarm engineers behind the scenes have been doing consulting projects and engineering other technology yet-to-arrive, but in progress nonetheless.

So sit back and take a vacation to Hawaii on your iPhone and iPad with AddToTravel apps.

Waikiki Beach

Hanauma Bay, Oahu


Rejected icon

Why does Apple reject apps?  Perhaps some don’t work, others don’t conform to user-interface guidelines, still others might be controversial e.g. WikiLeaks app.  How about because they didn’t like an icon in your app?  The icon here caused a Mindwarm iPhone app to be rejected.  You can read more about this story here.


The folks at AddTo have been busy cranking out apps.  These are universal apps that work on both the iPhone and iPad.  As they say Travel, Write and Share.

AddTo FrankfurtAddTo AthensAddTo SeattleAddTo Portland ORAddTo ChicagoAddTo Montreal iconStatue of Liberty


AddTo Portland OR screenshot The folks at AddTo have just released a new iPhone and iPad app.

This app covers Portland Oregon and you can find it here.

The idea behind the AddTo apps is to give you specific information about a location, but let you write notes and take photos that you can build into an album.  The app builds a map of all the places you visit and write about or take photos at.  These locations are placed onto a map so you can see what you were thinking or seeing at specific spots.

You can export your notes, photos and even the map via email, which is invoked by pressing the lower right action button in the application.

AddTo Portland OR main screen AddTo Portland OR mapAddTo Portland OR photos screen


AddTo is getting noticed.  HubPages has written a review saying AddTo may be the wave of the future for travel.  See it, write or take a photo, then share your map and comments.  Check out their insights here.


Mobile news website GoMoNews has reviewed AddTo SF.

Mindwarm technology is powering AddTo travel applications.

See what GoMoNews thinks and see what you think about AddTo.  Create your own mobile travel guide with AddTo.

Currently there are AddTo applications for four cities: New York, San Francisco, Montreal and Chicago.


Mindwarm has launched a sister site called AddToTravel.com.

The technology for AddTo comes from Mindwarm.  The future is mobile and local.  Mindwarm technology enables AddTo mobile applications so you can create data at a given location then recall that data on a map.

map of NYC You can see all the data on the map and touch any annotation to take you to the specific data you created.  On the left is a map of New York City that comes with AddTo NYC.

Build your album and travel diary, then export any or all of your data, including your map via email.  We believe your data is your data and you should have it available with you and be able to send it where you want to.

The idea behind AddTo is to let you write your own travel guide.  With AddTo you can type notes, take photos and build an album about your travel.  Your entire album or any entry can be exported via email whenever you with.  If you allow location, then your entries are location stamped and you build up a map where you can see where you have made notes or taken a photo.  You can also export the map using email.

AddTo has launched with three iPhone and iPad applications:

Statue of LibertyAddTo NYC

AddTo SF

AddTo Montreal iconAddTo Montreal


The tour was in October and was great.  Portland Open Studios stopped selling the iPhone app that Mindwarm developed.  Look for a new iPhone app for next year’s Portland Open Studios tour.



Portland Open Studios is an annually changing group of 100 artists, with membership capped at 100.  This artists group provides art to the community year round, but for two weekends in October the artists open their homes to show off their art.

Mindwarm has developed an iPhone app for Portland Open Studios to help art lovers find those artist studios scattered around Portland.  The map technology in the iPhone app will make it easy for you to find the art you love.

You can find the iPhone app at

Portland Open Studios iPhone app

This tour guide is mentioned on the Portland Open Studios website at:

Portland Open Studios Tour Guide

Portland Open Studios

Swami Roberts

iPhone Swami Roberts

iPhone Swami Roberts has been released in the Entertainment category.  You can find it in the iTunes App Store at:

iPhone Swami Roberts

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