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Mindwarm has launched a sister site called AddToTravel.com.

The technology for AddTo comes from Mindwarm.  The future is mobile and local.  Mindwarm technology enables AddTo mobile applications so you can create data at a given location then recall that data on a map.

map of NYC You can see all the data on the map and touch any annotation to take you to the specific data you created.  On the left is a map of New York City that comes with AddTo NYC.

Build your album and travel diary, then export any or all of your data, including your map via email.  We believe your data is your data and you should have it available with you and be able to send it where you want to.

The idea behind AddTo is to let you write your own travel guide.  With AddTo you can type notes, take photos and build an album about your travel.  Your entire album or any entry can be exported via email whenever you with.  If you allow location, then your entries are location stamped and you build up a map where you can see where you have made notes or taken a photo.  You can also export the map using email.

AddTo has launched with three iPhone and iPad applications:

Statue of LibertyAddTo NYC

AddTo SF

AddTo Montreal iconAddTo Montreal

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